Introduction of Mandarin courses for adults in Montreal Chinese School

Mandarin has rapidly become the third most spoken language in Canada. Learning Mandarin is the key to open the door to a nation which has 5000 years of history. Montreal Chinese School provides Level 1-4 courses. Each year has two semesters. Each semester has 30 hours courses.  In addition, this course is also ideal for those who wish to gain knowledge into Chinese life, culture and economic.

Level 1 –Introductory course (two semesters---60 hours)
Introduction to the basic structures of Mandarin: Pinyin, tones and basic characters  and sentences. Students will develop basic language skills, particularly in oral comprehension and expression. Course content includes pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar at an elementary level. This includes the Chinese phonetic alphabet, numbers, greetings, making an acquaintance and inquiry, the verbs “to be” and “to have”, questions and negative forms. Approximately 400 characters are studied.

Level 2—Intermediate course (two semesters---60 hours)
Students will be trained to read characters and conversations with some Pinyin help. Students will acquire a fundamental knowledge of the rules of the language and continue to learn more words of location, direction, nationality, profession, modal verbs as well as more simple sentences. Class time will include conversation and listening comprehension activities. Students will practice making sentences by using prepositions, adjectives, the comparative form to ask different questions and make  polite requests. Students will develop grammatical accuracy in expression and further their understanding of general concepts in listening and reading comprehension. Students will become familiar with the differences between simple, future and continuous tenses and will acquire intermediate knowledge of how to express themselves in the present, past, future. There will be vocabulary building exercises and discussions on everyday topics. By the end of the course, students will become more comfortable in oral expression as well as increase their understanding of reading comprehension and the main grammar rules. Approximately 800 characters are studied.

Level 3—Intermediate  course (two semesters---60 hours)
Students will become familiar with more complex sentences and paragraphs. In addition to discussions of various topics and their real-life situations, students will be given more exercises emphasizing the correct use of syntax and grammar rules. Students will learn to apply the rules of Chinese grammar in their own writing. Approximately 1200 characters are studied.

Level 4—Advanced course (two semesters---60 hours)
Students will continue to develop their conversation skills and achieve a higher level of writing abilities. They will acquire an understanding of more complex concepts in listening and reading comprehension, and will be able to develop simple texts. Students will feel confident expressing their ideas and feelings, exchanging their views and discussing aspects of culture and life in China and in Canada. Approximately 1600 characters are studied.Type your paragraph here.