Summer time in 2020 differs definitely from all the others to which we are all used. In spite of the fact that everything around us has come to a halt because of the pandemics, we believe our students’ study should not be disrupted or restrained. In view of the present extraordinary circumstances, the Montreal Chinese (Mandarin) School is opening special On-line Summer Classes, whereby our students will have fun in studies while staying safely at home. All on-line classes are under the guidance by our highly experienced teachers. 


 On-line summer classes start on June 15, 2020 and end on August 14, 2020, for a duration of 9 weeks. Class levels: grade 1 to grade 8. Teaching contents: English, French, mathematics, natural science, Chinese, public speaking training, drawing, etc. For class level 1 to 4: 3 periods of 60 minutes of English, French and Mathematics per week; students of level 4 and up have a 2-hour period of English, French and mathematics. In response to numerous parents’ request, a public speaking training class is offered to enhance students’ skill in public speaking. Also available are Fine arts and Chinese language course, 2 subject materials very much appreciated by students. To cater to the need of students of non-Chinese background, 3 different levels of Chinese language course (4 hours per week) are available.     

​​About School

Established in 1983 by a group of enthusiastic parents, the MONTREAL CHINESE (MANDARIN) SCHOOL is an independent, non-profit, purely education-based organization run entirely by volunteers. The founding principles of the school support the apolitical, non-denominational, and equality-based education of the Montreal Chinese in their mother tongue, in addition to the promotion of Chinese culture and cultural exchange among all peoples.

The total student enrollment is approximately 1400, with language classes ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 12, Youth classes, Mandarin conversation classes, cultural classes and classes intended to enhance students’ English, French and mathematics skill. The instruction time is two hours per week on Sunday only, either in the morning or the afternoon. There are two semesters per school year with 15 weeks to a semester.

​Pinyin system has been introduced for the regular Mandarin classes. Students have a choice of either taking the traditional or simplified characters class. 

The school organization is headed by the Board of Directors, with the school administration and Parents Association as two of the main pillars of support. The chair of the Board Tony Chen who assumes the overall responsibilities of the school. Mrs. Teng Chien Li is the Principal assigned by the Board. She is in charge of the school operations.  Mr. Tong Chan is the president of the Parent Association which is the bridge between parents and School.